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About Our Company

Welcome to PHYSIOPLUSINDIA. We are one of the leading manufactures, suppliers and exporter of Medical Equipment such as Physiotherapy equipment, Rehabilitation equipment , Combination Therapy unit, Laser Therapy , Slimming equipments . PhysioPlusIndia has a worldwide clientele of Medical professional, Physiotherapist, occupational therapist. PhysioPlusIndia backed with NS-EN.ISO 9001:2008 Certification .
PhysioPlusIndia are founded on a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of injury management and prevention. Our primary aim is to provide a high quality service which focuses on individualised physiotherapy care . To this end, our medical equipment represent purpose built centres which provide easy access to a diverse range of allied health services aimed at caring for the whole person. PhysioPlusIndia provides the medical equipments required to minimise the impact of your injury and to facilitate an optimal return to your recreational and work commitments. We offer a wide variety of medical equipment to people of all ages, activity levels and backgrounds . the company has been focused on bringing the top Physiotherapy equipment to deliver the highest-quality health care to their th people.
The optimisation of our products is carried out by a highly expert staff in the research and development department of the company who work together with the management and production chiefs. In this way we are capable of coming up with the right products to meet the real requirements of our customers as well as maintaining leadership in the field of Physiotherapy .

PhysioPlusIndia Medical Equipment includes:
• Physiotherapy
• Rehabilitation equipment
• Slimming equipment
• Laser equipment

PhysioPlusIndia Vision:
The PhysioPlusIndia is pioneer in innovating newer variety of medical equipment and Physiotherapy equipment . We are seeking to perform strongly in Local market, Global Market and also cater to the Government Sector. We aspire to become the India's largest Physiotherapy Company .
• To build a global enterprise to all over the world.
• To be the largest Physiotherapy and medical company in India.
• To always develop good quality medical equipments .